Cage-Free Boarding

Wag Zone's specialty is providing top quality dog boarding for both short- and long-term stays. An alternative to traditional dog kennels where dogs are typically caged for much of the day and night, Wag Zone offers cage-free boarding choices designed to give your dog a comfortable, safe, and fun place to stay while you are out of town.

As opposed to pet sitting, where your pet may only get an hour or two of human attention each day, your dog will enjoy canine and human contact throughout their stay. We also maintain overnight staff on site to ensure the safety of the pack at all hours.

Boarding dogs enjoy the same fun as pups in playcare but have special needs beyond those of our daily guests. Being away from their "people" often causes elevated stress levels so we place an emphasis on keeping our boarding dogs comfortable and stress-free. You can rest assured that your pet will get lots of affection and attention during their stay at Wag Zone.

WagZZZ Lounge

After dinnertime, evening cuddles and a final 'pee break' in our outdoor play yard, we bring out the sleeping mats and let our boarding dogs pick a corner of the playroom to bed down for the night. Dogs who prefer the company of other pups and our overnight caregivers can retreat to our WagZZZ Lounge, an upscale 'doggy dorm' that recreates a home-like environment, complete with fireplace, a flat screen TV and comfy beds for cuddling.

Doggy Dens

While we are a cage-free environment, for those clients who prefer their pet sleep completely separate from other dogs and distractions, we have a very limited number of roomy glass kennels, where dogs can enjoy a midnight snack and their own beds from home. We also have one double-size glass kennel, which can be used for multiple pets from the same family, if you prefer your kids to sleep together, away from the rest of the pack. Single Doggy Dens run an additional $5 per day and the Double Dog Den runs an additional $10 per day.

Please note that these kennels may only be reserved for overnight use as they are used for meal feedings during the day.

House Brand Food

Boarding dogs at Wag Zone have the opportunity to enjoy a high-grade raw diet during their stay. Wag Zone is proud to announce that we have moved to high-quality raw food for Wag Zone-provided feedings. We believe in the benefits that raw food can offer our guests and have decided to practice what we preach by making this option available to our clients.

We use our House Brand for clients who prefer the convenience of having us provide the food, or for those dogs that run out of food over the course of their stay. If you prefer to have your dog stick to his or her current feeding regimen, we most certainly will feed your pet the food you provide according to your instructions.

Wag Zone is proud to offer Red Dog Deli raw dog food in the recommended blend of meat, organ, vegetables and bone to ensure your dog's nutritional needs are always met. You can select from the following healthy options:

  • Beef
  • Chicken
  • Turkey
  • Lamb

Staycare Rates

Item Price
Nightly Rates
Per Night (daycare included) $50 +GST
Statutory Holiday Fee $10 +GST
Doggy Den Upgrade +$5 +GST per night
Double Dog Den Upgrade +$10 +GST per night
House Dry Food $2.00/cup
Raw Food Available varies
Boarding Packages
10-Night Boarding Package) $480 +GST
25-Night Boarding Package) $1,150 +GST

Boarding Policies

Socialized Dogs Only

Only dogs who have completed a pre-boarding interview will be permitted to board with us. As we are a 100% cage-free environment, we must ensure the complete safety of all dogs under our care. This also ensures that your dog is comfortable enough in a pack environment to be sufficiently at ease throughout his or her stay.


A 25% deposit is required at the time of your reservation to confirm your boarding booking. This deposit is refundable up until 72 hours prior to the start of your pet's stay with us. Peak season bookings (Statutory Holidays, Christmas, New Year's) require payment in full no less than 14 days in advance. Peak season bookings cancelled no less than 60 days in advance of the start date will refund the deposit in full, 30 days or greater will refund 75% of the deposit, 21 days or greater will refund 50% of the deposit and 14 days or greater will refund 25% of the deposit. No refunds will be provided for peak season bookings cancelled within two weeks of the drop off date.

Sunday Pick-ups

Boarding stays that end on a Sunday must be paid in full prior to drop-off. Credit for unscheduled departures on Sundays will not be processed until the next business day.

Puppies & "Chewers"

Puppies must be at least 6 months of age and spayed/neutered to be eligible for overnight stays. Puppies who are currently teething or dogs with a known tendency to chew destructively can pose risks to our beds and facilities during overnight hours. We make every effort to reduce the risk of damage but are unable to 100% guarantee that puppies won't chew on something they shouldn't. Any damage incurred will be the responsibility of the dog owner and will be added to the final bill. With that in mind, we strongly encourage owners of puppies and dogs with destructive tendencies to opt for the Individual Suite option and to provide their own bedding to minimize the risk of damage and the costs associated with such incidents.

Check-in and Check-out Times

We prefer that boarding dogs be dropped off no later than noon on the first day of their stay. This allows your pup to burn off his or her stress and helps ensure a good night's sleep for dogs and overnight staff alike. Daycare charges for the first day's stay are included in boarding fees. You may pick up your dog at any time, day or night. Dogs picked up after midnight on their scheduled departure date will be checked in for an additional night of boarding at your expense.


For your dog's protection, it is recommended he/she have a Bordetella shot at least 7-10 days prior to boarding.

First Time Boarders

Dog Boarding Approval

Dogs who have not previously attended doggy daycare or boarding at Wag Zone must complete a Care Consultation to ensure that they are social and comfortable with us. While not mandatory, we also strongly recommend that your dog come in for at least one full day of daycare prior to the stay. It is our experience that dogs who get to come and play for a day and then get picked up by mom or dad at the end of the day generally experience less separation anxiety during their overnight stays than dogs who have not had the opportunity to associate Wag Zone as a friendly and temporary place where mom or dad will ultimately return.

If you will be leaving for an extended vacation (greater than one week) bringing your dog in for daycare as much as possible prior to their stay will further ensure a positive, happy association with Wag Zone and a more comfortable overall stay. Please note that while the vast majority of our daycare-approved dogs are automatically approved for boarding, we cannot guarantee such approval in all cases. In particular, if after the initial day of daycare, we feel that your pup is extremely uncomfortable and would either be overly disruptive or would pose a significant flight risk, we may only permit daycare until the pet is sufficiently comfortable.

Emergency Boarding

If you require last minute boarding and are unable to complete the Care Consultation prior to your departure, we may still be able to assist you. We can take a very limited number of first time boarders on a last minute basis, where we do the evaluation in the owner's absence. This incurs an additional $25 cost over and above the cost of daycare or boarding for that day. If your dog is social and fits into the pack well, this will be a one-time charge. If, however, your dog is unable to be integrated with the pack, we will have to keep him/her segregated for the duration of the stay and this will incur a $25 per day charge over and above the boarding fees.

What to Bring


We strongly recommend that our boarding clients supply sufficient quantities of their dog's current food to cover the entire stay. This keeps a consistent diet in place and keeps sensitive tummies from getting upset. We follow your feeding, medication and special care instructions so you can trust your dog will receive the same care here as he or she does at home.

Please note that given the pack environment, we cannot accommodate an 'open bowl' feeding practice where food is left for the dog to eat throughout the day. If your dog runs out of food during the stay, we will provide our house-brand dry food at $3 per meal, so make sure to calculate carefully. Remember to add meals for drop off and pick up days!

It is a generally a good idea to overestimate how much food your dog will eat during the visit as your pet will be expending a lot more energy than at home and will be burning off extra calories. We also recommend that you provide special canned or raw food or other additive that your pet particularly enjoys that can be mixed in to meals if he/she becomes disinterested in his/her food and stops eating.


If your dog is on medication, please prepare individual dosages (i.e. split all pills in half if the dosage is half a pill) and provide SPECIFIC INSTRUCTIONS so that we may be able to follow your pet's regimen appropriately.


It can be very helpful - especially for first timers - to have something from home that smells like you, such as an old, unwashed t-shirt. When we bring out such treasures at bedtime, the effect on the dogs is tremendous. They are excited to recognize 'their' shirt and it can have a significantly calming effect on them.

What NOT to Bring


Unless your pet is booked into one of our Individual Suite, we cannot accommodate personal beds, pillows, or comforters as these can be chewed and ingested by other dogs during the night. We have lots of comfy chew-proof beds ranging from small to human sized, so you can be sure your dog will sleep comfortably.


We have lots of them. :-)


Unless you have booked an Individual Suite, your pet will not be allowed to play with his or her own toys. This is to protect the toy almost as much as it is to protect other dogs who might find stuffing to be a particularly enticing snack.


We apologize for any inconvenience but we are currently unable to accommodate crates. We do not have sufficient space to store them during our busy daycare hours and overnight other dogs may damage and even pee on the crate while your pet is in it. Not fun for anyone. If your pup will only sleep in a crate, consider upgrading to one of our Individual kennels.