WagSchool Classes

Training should be something you do with your dog, not to your dog. Our classes are designed to help you raise a happy, friendly family dog and they really work. They are Positive and Force-Free, based on the most up to date dog behaviour science and research. Classes are taught by 2 trainers - they're fun, interactive and we welcome the whole family.

Come join us in class!

Starting July 18, 2017:
  • My Positive Puppy
Starting in September:
  • My Terrific Teen - a class for adolescent dogs from 6 months to 2 years of age - teach focus, impulse control, social and play skills.
  • Consenting Adults - a class for friendly adult dogs covering basic obedience and socializing and play skills.
  • Huffy Hounds - a class for reactive dogs.
  • Nose Work - the fun scenting sport that's great for any dog, young or old - easy to practice at home and a great way to tire out your dog!
  • Fun and Games - Tricks, Agility and more!

Call us at (604) 982- WAGZ (9249) or email training@jetpetresort.com for more information or to register for a class.

Puppy class

My Positive Puppy – Classes at JetPet Resort

Attending a properly run puppy class gives you an opportunity to take full advantage of your puppy’s imprinting period and earliest stage of development. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity! It’s a fantastic chance to develop your puppy’s confidence and help shape your puppy’s attitude and behaviour in a positive way.

My Positive Puppy classes are a fun, family-friendly experience using the latest knowledge in dog behaviour to set your puppy up for a lifetime of success.

Who’s eligible for class?

Healthy puppies who are 9 to 20 weeks of age and have been home for a week prior to the start of class.

Our classes are informative.

Excellent advice on all things puppy is presented in an easy to follow format:

  • information on the developmental phases of your puppy
  • housetraining and crate training
  • play training
  • the do’s and don’t of socializing
  • appropriate equipment, toys and exercise for the maturing puppy
  • proactive prevention and management of unwanted behaviours like separation anxiety, resource guarding and reactivity

Our classes are FUN!

We welcome all members of your household to join in the class activities:

  • play with other puppies
  • learning a training method that’s appropriate for anyone
  • obedience games and activities
  • meet and greet with adult ambassador dogs
  • introduction to the art of mentally challenging your maturing puppy
  • exercises in class are available by video link so you can easily practice at home
  • question and answer sessions


What’s the Timetable?

Each class session runs for 4 weeks. Families with very young puppies are encouraged to repeat class to get the most benefit from this early stage of maturity prior to reaching the adolescent stage of 5 to 6 months of age.

Classes are approximately an hour long. An hour is a long time for a young puppy to be out socializing and learning. We try and keep the classes active but also supportive for the puppies throughout the session. Fun and play is included as well as rest breaks and bathroom breaks.

If you have a new puppy, come join in on the fun and let Pamela and Valerie help get you on the path to success – a great family dog that everyone can enjoy!

Do you have a new puppy but don’t want to attend just yet? If your vet has suggested you wait before joining a class that’s no problem. We can make special arrangements for you to get the same information without your puppy at first and then join class when you’re comfortable doing so.


Payment and Registration

Cost: $160/4 weeks excluding tax

Call us at (604) 982- WAGZ (9249) or email training@jetpetresort.com to register!*

*Clients must book in advance and payment is made in full at time of booking and is non refundable. Payment can be made at the facility or over the phone.