Playcare at Wag Zone

The Wag Zone daycare experience is filled with both indoor and outdoor fun. Your dog's playcare day includes plenty of exercise, socialization, snoozes and cuddles.

Dogs spend the day playing with one another in our rubber-floored playrooms or out in our huge fenced-in yard, under the watchful eye of our certified dog handlers. It's a great way to get the ya-yas out!

Some pets prefer a more relaxing day and at Wag Zone we're more than happy to accommodate them with a cozy fireside room to snuggle in or out on our comfy and clean Synlawn® yard - perfect for lounging or taking in the rays.

Every dog visiting for the day is guaranteed at least two hours of outdoor playtime. And an add-on bath at the hands of our skilled groomer sends your pup home clean, fresh-smelling, happy, and tired. With loads of fun and plenty of affection, it's no wonder Wag Zone's four-legged guests can't wait to come through our doors.

Playcare Rates

Item Price
Mini Day (0-4 hours) $24.50
Half Day (4-6 hours) $30.50
Regular Day (6-12 hours) $34.50
Long Day (12-18 hours)* $39.50
Statutory Holiday Fee $10 +GST

* Visits over 18 hours are considered to be boarding stays.


Item Price
10-Packs : Buy 9, get 1 free
Regular Day 10-Pack (6-12 hours) $310.50
Half Day (4-6 hours) $274.50
Long Day (12+ hours) $355.50
20-Packs : Buy 17, get 3 free
Full Day 20-Pack (6-11 hours) $586.50
Long Day 20-Pack (12+ hours) $671.50


Item Price
20-Minute Leashed River Walk $5.00
After-Play Rinse-Off/Towel-Dry Bath $10.00
Stuffed Kong Break $3.00
Nail Trim $15.00

**** PLEASE NOTE:  Prices are subject to change and do not include GST. ****