Pack Requirements

Pack Requirements

Our mandate at Wag Zone is to ensure a safe, fun and happy atmosphere for everyone, whether human or canine. To that end, all dogs attending Wag Zone must be:

  • friendly to people and dogs alike
  • socialized and comfortable in a pack environment
  • spayed or neutered if 6 months of age or older
  • fully vaccinated
  • able to obey simple commands

Care Consultation

For your dog to be able to enjoy Wag Zone's fun, whether for playcare or for overnight staycare he or she must be a member of our "Wag Pack". We require prospective Wag Pack members to come in for a brief consultation where we:

  • meet and get to know your dog
  • learn about his/her history, specific needs and challenges
  • see how your dog reacts to strangers
  • introduce two or three pack 'regulars' to your pet one at a time to gauge how comfortably he or she interacts with other dogs
  • determine how at ease your dog is when you are not in the room
  • closely supervise your pet for a few hours of daycare

Appointments are by reservation only and will take approximately 20-30 minutes of your time, however we do ask that your dog stay for at least two hours of daycare to assess his/her comfort level within the pack in your absence. Consultation times are available from Monday through Saturday between noon and 3:30. As we do take considerable time and effort to focus on a new pack member, there is a charge of $24 for the consultation. This includes up to four hours of daycare on the day of the interview.

To get started, complete the Consultation Request form in the left sidebar of this page. Once we receive your request, we will contact you to confirm your appointment date and time. To speed your visit, please complete the Wag Pack Application and bring it with you to the interview.


Wag Zone recognizes that there is a shift occurring within the veterinary field with regards to vaccinations, with some advocating a less stringent inoculation schedule. The decision of whether or not to vaccinate your pet should be made in consultation with your veterinarian. For the safety of dogs and staff alike, the only vaccination Wag Zone requires for adult dogs to attend is Rabies. However, to best ensure your pet's health, it is strongly recommended that while attending Wag Zone your pet should be fully protected against the following:

  • Bordetella
  • Distemper
  • Parvovirus
  • Fleas, ticks, and canine lice

Additional vaccinations that can further protect your pet while outdoors or in a social pack environment include:

  • Parainfluenza
  • Leptospirosis
  • Adenovirus
  • Coronavirus
  • Giardia
  • Lyme Disease