Puppy Hour

FREE Sunday Morning Puppy Hours

Got Puppy?

Puppyhood is the most important time in your dog's development. To help your pup grow into a healthy, well-adjusted dog, it is critical to expose him to a wide variety of positive and pleasant experiences during the first few months of life.

The greater the exposure during this critical window of opportunity, the better the chances your puppy will mature into a confident, well-socialized adult. Well-socialized dogs are easier to train, more stable, interact more comfortably and appropriately with people, places and other dogs, and are less likely to exhibit fear-based reactions that are all too often linked to aggression.

In addition to exposing your puppy to a variety of people and places, it's important that your pup learns doggy speak, pack manners, boundaries and respect for personal human space. And, let's not forget that a tired puppy chews fewer shoes, barks less, and sleeps more so you moms and dads can enjoy the puppyhood with a lot less stress. We at Wag Zone can help you with all of this.

Wag Zone offers FREE Puppy Hours every Sunday at 10am for puppies up to 5 months of age. These fun and informative one-hour sessions are the perfect opportunity for you to introduce your puppy to supervised off-leash play with other puppies in our clean, safe, indoor playroom. Your pup gets to romp with dogs his own age and size and you get to commune - or commiserate - with other puppy owners.

We will provide:
  • a safe and positive environment where your puppy can interact with others his own age and size
  • an experienced handler to ensure safe and appropriate play
  • clean-up service

Your puppy must:
  • be healthy
  • have completed at least his 1st set of vaccinations
    (consult your veterinarian to see if your pup should wait until their second set)
  • be under 5 months of age
  • be fed at least two hours in advance
  • be under your personal supervision at all times

To take part in our next Puppy Hour, please register in advance. For safety and dog management purposes, we ask that young children please remain at home.