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Our In-House Trainers

Group classes are taught by out trainers in our facility. Pamela and Valerie also offer private training options for dogs who may not be eligible for group classes. Call us at (604) 982- WAGZ (9249) or email for more information.

Pamela Murray

Pamela is a certified professional dog trainer with over 25 years of experience, she is truly dog adept, well respected and recommended by Veterinarians, fellow trainers, professionals and previous students.

Keeping up with all the current industry literature and pursuing ongoing professional development; she uses scientifically proven methods of positive reinforcement. This style of teaching works for all animals, including humans. Pamela has successfully worked with thousands of families and their dogs, helping them find effective solutions while strengthening the human animal bond. Behavior is information and Pamela can help you understand why your dog is doing what they are doing.In her opinion, teaching is fun and for the whole family.

Specializing in:

  • Early Puppy development; preventing behavior problems while shaping your dream dog
  • Adolescent and Adult dog group classes from Beginners to Off Leash Control
  • Fear, aggression, and reactive behavior modification
  • The trainer for a 17 dog agility performance team; the Royal City Rockets’! Dog agility builds confidence and team work for all dogs and handlers. It’ s FUN first!
  • Certified Search and Rescue Dog Professional; passionate about all kinds of nose work and sharing that with the pet dog community. You’ll see Pamela out there in competitions too!

Pamela Murray is the owner and certified professional dog trainer of: Canine Spirit ~ Training for People with Dogs.

Valerie Barry, KPA-CTP

Valerie is the owner and certified trainer of In Partnership With Dogs™ and has been living and working with dogs for over 17 years. Valerie uses training methods that are positive and force-free, exclusively. Regardless of any issue you might have with your dog, training is always fun for both dogs and their humans. Her passion is helping families and dogs learn to live together in a true partnership. “Training should be something you do with your dog, not to your dog.”

Her training focus is helping families raise social pet dogs with the proactive prevention of behaviour problems.

Specialties include:

  • Helping families raise confident, friendly puppies and adolescent dogs
  • Behaviour modification from mild to severe
  • Teaching in a group class environment

She has adopted, lived with and rehabilitated reactive dogs, has many of her own experiences to draw from and can empathize with the families of challenging dogs. Valerie and her husband live in North Vancouver and enjoy the companionship of their dogs, two young Dobermans, Jack and Quincy, and 2 American Paint horses, Libby and Dixie.

Valerie prides herself on keeping current in the sciences of learning theory, dog behaviour and modern training techniques. She continues to pursue educational opportunities in her field whenever possible.

Designations and Memberships:

  • Karen Pryor Certified Training Partner, graduated with distinction.
  • Professional Member, Pet Professional Guild
  • Professional Member, Association of Professional Dog Trainers
  • Author of the training column for Pet Connection Magazine
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